U-Pick Certified Organic Blueberries now ready!

WHEN: Currently Open
10am to 4:00pm 7 days a week
(No Children Under the age of 6 will be allowed in the field for safety reasons and no pets permitted)
LOCATION: 4626 88th Street, Delta
PRICE: Price is $4.00 per lb, and we will have empty buckets for sale
CONTACT: Call the winery at 604-946-1868 located on the farm if any questions.

Select Image to viewThe freshest way to get blueberries
is to pick them yourself!

BC Blueberry season is almost here and Bremner's U-Pick
Certified Organic Blueberries will be open soon.
You can’t get more local than picking your own blueberries right here in Delta. Hand pick yours on the farm at the very beginning of the season when they’re the freshest! Bremner's Blueberries are Certified Organic with zero spray… the way Mother Nature intended!

We are also taking orders for pre-picked berries, call the winery for details
at 604-946-1868!

Pre-Picked Organic Blueberries available in 10 lb boxes

  • Up to 20 lbs      $5.00 lb
  • 30-90 lbs           $4.50 lb
  • 100 lbs & over  $4.00 lb

Pre-Picked Regular Blueberries available

  • Up to 90 lb        $3.25 lb
  • 100 lbs & over  $3.00 lb