Chef Bios

We welcome Chef Helena Kopelow to Wellbrook!

My name is Helena Kopelow and I am the Executive Chef and owner of Grayson’s Catering, cooking classes and spices.  I was born, raised and (Red seal) culinary trained here in Vancouver.  I started catering in 1988.  I have been classically trained by Deb Connors of Aqua Riva and Horizons on Burnaby Mountain. I have been a night school teacher with Vancouver School board for over 12 years.  I also teach at Langara College, culinary studies. I have worked at the Cookshop at 12 and cambie as well as Eden West gourmet store and cooking classes.  I have also been the executive Chef to Strong’s Grocery store, private chef service, sous chef of The Bay in Oakridge and have catered from Smith Glaxo Kline to Doctors, Lawyers and prominent real estate agents.  I am best known for my “Famous Turkeys to Go at Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The tips I have for my students is to relax, it is just food. I am classically taught as well as learned from watching by my mom’s side over the many years.  She taught me how to make water into soup and stretch a $. I enjoy teaching students and sharing my vast knowledge of tips and techniques.  My student become friends with me due to my relaxed sense of humour and open personality.

Remember that if you cook with your heart and soul, people can taste your pride.