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Alligga Corporate Chef Alana Peckham

Alana Peckham was born and raised in Vancouver. She studied at the Dubrulle International Culinary Arts institute, earning her Culinary Certificate in 2002 and Pastry Certificate in 2003. She notes that her cooking style, while firmly grounded in the traditional French culinary techniques she learned at Dubrulle, is also influenced by her cultural heritage as a Chinese Canadian. After graduation Alana Hart House. She is known for her longstanding commitment to using only the freshest and best ingredients, so she was naturally attracted to the idea of working with Alligga, which is an all-Canadian natural ingredients.

Alana has contributed to Vancouver Cooks and she competed in the 2011 Gold Medal Plate competition Chopped: Canada, when Alana won a competition in which she and three other chefs were required to create a delicious three-course meal using mystery ingredients.